What You’ll Need for your Yoga Class

I remember going to my first yoga class and not having a clue of what to expect, wear or bring with me!

No more than today there was lots of different gear available in the shops and I couldn’t figure out if I needed a yoga or a pilates pants or a simple tracksuit bottoms! Many years on I don’t give it a fraction of thought and simply wear something fitted & comfortable.

The main thing you’ll need is your mat. I always recommend a good quality mat that’s essentially non slip.

Footwear in yoga is a no no! Simply because your grip on the mat may be compromised. Having said that I always have my wooly socks on standby for the relaxation session at the end of the class.

Yoga props in the form of a bolster or a block can be a great way of helping you to adopt a comfortable pose during the class and are fairly reasonable to buy in any of the sports shops. Alternatively, a cushion is the next best thing.

Sometimes I use a yoga belt to assist me deepen a pose – if you don’t have a belt to hand a belt from a dressing gown/coat will do just fine.

After that you’ll need a pillow and blanket/throw for the relaxation session. I use a cushion between my knees as you’ll notice from 20 weeks gestation onwards you’ll practice the relaxation session on your side.

Other than that I always have my bottle of water to hand.

So there you have it! Arm yourself with all of the above and you’re all set to go!

Looking forward to seeing you on your mat mat very soon…