How to Moisten Baby’s Skin..

Every single day I get asked ‘how to moisten my baby’s skin?’ In the early days your baby’s skin is very delicate and can lose moisture quickly. If your baby was overdue you’ll notice that your little one will more than likely have dry, flaky skin whereas if your baby was born early he/she will have a natural protective cream covering its’ whole body called vernix.

A good skin care regime for your new arrival is to simply clean all areas with plain warm tap water and cotton wool balls.

You’ll need to clean the nappy area at each feed and I always recommend cleaning the eyes, cord/umbilicus and skin in general at least once a day.

Regardless of whether your baby has dry skin I always recommend you moisten it at least once a day using a cold/first pressed organic, edible oil like sunflower, olive, vegetable, rapeseed or coconut oil. You can generally buy these in any of the supermarkets or health food shops.

Baby products in the early days are not advised and you should avoid the use of essential oils in the first year of life.

So, keep it simple all the way and enjoy…