Baby Reflex – Reflexology for Babies. What exactly is it?

What is Reflexology?

You’ve probably all heard of Reflexology, but have you heard of ‘Baby Reflex’ reflexology for Babies?? Although it’s been around for an age I’ve only learnt of it in the last year or two and am delighted to say that I’m now a qualified ‘Baby Reflex’ trainer! So what exactly is it then?

Reflexology is a natural therapy using finger tip and thumb pressure on special points on the feet and hands, which correspond to all parts of the body. First discovered by the Chinese and Egyptians three thousand years ago, Reflexology is now accepted world wide as an effective and complementary therapy treatment.

Baby Reflex was developed by Jenny Lee, a Chartered Physiotherapist and qualified Reflexologist to assist parents enhance their child’s wellbeing. Jenny examined the effects of regular Reflexology on children with asthma over a 15 year period and the results showed that the main affects were deeper relaxation, improved sleep and increased child/parent bonding. These results were so powerful that Jenny went on to develop ‘Baby Reflex’ in 2005. Ten years on, Mums and Dads in Australia, South Africa, Abu Dhabi, Eire, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Japan, Turkey and Europe, give this fuss-free, five minute treatment to their baby as part of their daily routine and is an amazing tool to have in your parenting toolbox!

Baby Reflex is a gentle form of reflexology created especially for babies, infants and toddlers from one month to three years and beyond. The course is designed to teach parents to use specially adapted reflexology techniques on the feet and hands of their own babies and toddlers. If you’ve ever had reflexology treatment yourself you’ll know how relaxing it is! The 3 week course covers subjects such as, sleeping and calming, immune boosters and digestion as it’s now well known that Baby Reflex improves sleep, deepens relaxation, improves mood, relieves tension and develops a sense of well-being.

An extension of the ‘Baby Reflex’ Course is ‘Toddler Reflex’ which teaches parents to apply reflexology techniques on their toddler and growing child by working on their hands. Toddler Reflex was developed by Penny Odhams and is a fun one hour, follow on course from Baby Reflex.

Baby & Toddler Reflex aim to:

  • Encourage and develop the bonding between Parent and Baby/Toddler

  • Be relaxing

  • Be calming, especially for those toddler tantrums!

  • Improve sleep, great before bed!

  • Support the developing body by improving wellbeing

  • BE FUN!

Baby & Toddler Reflex Courses are held in Castleknock & Ballyowen Castle Community Centers. For more information contact,

Aileen on 0868560049 or

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